You have been told that nothing can be done to alter the further progression of the disease that is responsible for your vision loss.shutterstock_15353704-sm

Your very nice eye doctor, who is well trained in all matters concerning the eyes, and the expert that you have entrusted to advise you about your vision is quite resolute. He is concerned about you and your vision. If there was something he could do, he would do it. Yet there is no information he is prepared to discuss that even remotely suggests you will emerge with your sight intact ever again.

To be able to appreciate “how you can Restore Your Lost Vision – Now,” it will be helpful if you can begin to appreciate the common fallacy that provides the underpinning for the recipe for failure. That fallacy is embodied by the trite and damning phrase that I feel has been used all too often: “Nothing can be done.”

This is the phrase that signals that the ballgame is over and is never to be resumed again. It packs the wallop of a full blow to the gut. It is
almost impossible from which to recuperate. After all, we are talking about your health, hearing, or vision.

That decree is coming from an individual to whom you have given a great degree of trust and reliance. You figure if it’s coming from your doctor who knows you so well, it has to be true because he would never say such a thing if it were not the case. From that point forward, you are beaten. You are mortally wounded. You will remain devastated for as long as that phrase remains operational.

146153400329442If we are to be successful in restoring your vision, the use of this phrase can no longer be tolerated and must be rejected. You can and should reject it because it is, first and foremost, not true. It, in fact, is absolutely and blatantly false.

The skills of a surgeon, the performance of procedures, and the use of certain pharmaceutical agents can be quite helpful in certain medical conditions and eye disorders. It must be said, however, that as long as the tools used by the eye doctor remain one of or multiple combinations of surgery, procedures, and drugs, the correction of serious eye diseases that can lead to blindness can’t possibly ever be conquered.

The problem does not lie within the intention and intelligence of the brilliant members of the medical profession. The problem lies within the tools available to these professionals, which are woefully inadequate to revive diseased eye tissue and allow it to function once again.

Back the the issue of “Nothing can be done”:

2146153400329442“Eighty-five to 90 percent of all patients who complete the three-step program to regain their sight will have a substantial improvement in their vision in three days.”

I have developed a three step program to regain your vision and have used it to help patients restore and revive diseased tissue.

Up until now, you have been told and believed “Nothing can be done” to restore your vision at all. If that truly is the case, why would it be possible to offer a treatment program at all to restore your sight? The answer will really only be how much restoration and how quickly that restoration can come, which will be the variable from one patient to another. If you can ever come to agree any level of visual function has improved, you have already made the case for the accuracy of the claim that you can restore your lost vision now.

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