Therapies to Restore Your Lost Vision

How do we restore your lost vision in just 3 days? By combining these 7 powerful therapies into a complete course of treatments that can turn around your retinal disease and restore health to your eyes.

Each day during the Retreat, you’ll receive treatment in these 7 therapies. Dr. Courtney will also teach you about these therapies, so you can continue your healing at home.

Why FSM Is Critical to Restoring Lost Vision

Frequency-Specific Microcurrent, or FSM, is the single most important therapy for fast and effective vision restoration. If you’re only going to do one thing to restore your lost vision, it needs to be FSM.

FSM is a completely non-invasive treatment (in fact there’s no physical sensation whatsoever) that uses extremely low doses of electricity to heal your body.

Medicine is an art, and nothing with an art is 100%. But Frequency-Specific Microcurrent marries the art of medicine with the science of quantum physics.

The laws of quantum physics say that every single thing in the universe—including your body and even every organ in your body—vibrates imperceptibly at its own unique frequency. This phenomenon, known as resonance, is why glass will shatter when exposed to particular sound waves.

It’s also how FSM can unlock the healing potential of your body. Healthy retinas vibrate at a specific frequency. But when your retina is deteriorating, it changes how it vibrates. Microcurrent works to bring your eye in sync with where it was in its healthy state.

It does so by sending paired frequencies of electricity through your body. These frequencies are paired together so that they can address both the symptoms you’re experiencing and the underlying cause of the disease.

This treatment is extraordinary in its efficacy—and its speed. Some patients feel immediately better when starting an FSM session.

The 3-Day Retreat Is Your Ticket to Getting Started with FSM

During the Retreat, you’ll get hands-on experience working with an FSM device so that you can continue the healing process in the comfort of your own home. And even better, you’ll leave with your very own FSM device, custom programmed by Dr. Courtney to treat your retinal disease—and the other illnesses that are holding you back.

Each device will be programmed by Dr. Courtney according to the participant’s specific eye disorder and only after a complete review of that patient’s medical records.

There are multiple considerations that will be addressed in creating these FSM programs. Some of these involve generalized body functions, while others are specific to the eye alone. The combined effect is to influence and restore normal function to the diseased eye that has led to varying degrees of visual impairment.

Learn More About the Therapies Used In the 3-Day Retreat

Click each therapy below to view more information about how it works to restore your lost vision.

Vision Restoration Therapies

IV Myers’ Cocktail

Correcting nutritional deficiency is a daunting task—and will take some time to be fully accomplished. To accelerate the replacement process, administering these nutrients by the IV root bypasses the gut and allows 100% of the nutrients to get to the tissues that need them the most.

The IV Myers’ Cocktail has been a reliable way for medical doctors to expedite the replacement process, especially when combined with a proper diet and sensible supplementation.

External Resource
You can find the standard ingredient list and read about specific cases in which the Myers’ Cocktail was effective in this study by Myers’ Cocktail innovator Dr. Alan Gaby.

IV Oxidation Therapy
Your body needs oxygen to function properly—and as we age, it’s very common that our bodies don’t get enough oxygen. That’s why bio-oxidative therapies are so helpful to combating aging and healing issues like vision loss.

We use hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) infused intravenously to “jumpstart” the energy producing components found in each cell in the human body known as the mitochondria. These organelles produce a chemical form of energy known as ATP (adenosine-tri-phosphate).

External Resource
To learn about the restorative powers of oxidative medicine, watch this interview with Dr. Robert Rowen.

Magnetic Field Therapy
Magnetic Field Therapy is a complementary therapy to Frequency-Specific Microcurrent. Like FSM, Magnetic Field Therapy is based on the concept in quantum physics that everything—including every organ in your body—has its own unique signature.

There are commercially available devices that can recreate these magnetic fields to reestablish the healthy functioning of diseased tissue. Collectively, they are known as PEMF devices (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) and provide a potent stimulus to have tissue return to normal function once again.

PEMF also targets your blood vessels and encourages them to augment the flow of blood to your eyes. This peak blood flow can be achieved within 6 minutes of PEMF exposure and can be sustained for approximately 6 hours after each treatment.

Further Reading
For more information about Magnetic Field Therapy, check out Chapter 8 of Dr. Courtney’s book, Restore Your Lost Vision Now.

Mineral Testing & Correction
Over decades, your body is likely to build up a deficiency in one or critical minerals. These deficiencies can wreak havoc on your vision.

That’s why we conduct extensive testing and establish a correction protocol to address an nutrient deficiencies.

There are two kinds of minerals we’re on the lookout for: macrominerals and microminerals.

Macrominerals are the minerals your body needs in larger amounts. They’re almost never included in a multivitamin to the magnitude that’s required by your body. We consistently find patients deficient in calcium, potassium, phosphorus, chloride, magnesium, sulfur, and sodium—and by correcting these deficiencies, we’re able to restore health.

Microminerals—also known as “trace minerals”—are used by your body in various metabolic reactions. There are over 80 microminerals that can make a difference for your vision, and we’ll test for every single one of them.

Further Reading
Dr. Courtney’s article on Step 1 of the Courtney 3-Step Program details how to identify and correct deficiencies that may be contributing to your vision loss.

Syntonic Phototherapy
Syntonic phototherapy is a remarkable field of therapies to help with vision problems. The best thing about syntonic phototherapy is that it is completely non-invasive and has no negative side effects. Syntonic phototherapy has been used clinically for over 70 years to treat conditions like lazy eye, reduced peripheral vision, and depth perception problems.

How does it work? Syntonics uses carefully selected frequencies of visible light administered to your eyes in a darkened room. These frequencies of light work to balance your body’s nervous system, especially your sympathetic (“fight or flight”) and parasympathetic (“rest and digest”) systems.

This balance is known as “syntony,” and syntonics works to restore this balance in your brain.

External Resource
Learn more about the history and applications of syntonic phototherapy in this article from Brain World Magazine.

Heavy Metal Detoxification
Heavy metal isn’t just a style of music—it’s the name for a group of metals that are extremely detrimental to your body’s natural functions. These toxic materials accumulate over a lifetime and profoundly and adversely affect tissue function by interfering with the metabolic processes of your cells.

There is not any body tissue or organ that is spared the wrath of these metals, and they are considered enemy number one on your to-do list to regain your sight.

We start by identifying your “toxic burden,” or the unique profile of metals that have taken up residence in your tissues.

From there, we work to alleviate your toxic burden via a process known as “chelation.” At the 3-Day Retreat, you will be trained in a little-known therapy referred to as “Natural Chelation”, which may allow you to avoid the use of pharmaceutical chelation agents, such as EDTA and DMSA, along with others.

Further Reading
Read Dr. Courtney’s article on your toxic metal burden and how to remove the toxins that have built up over decades of life.

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