Success Stories from the 3-Day Retreat

Wondering if the 3-Day Retreat is right for you? Hear from patients who have been through the Retreat below.

I want to thank everyone at the Healing the Eye Center, from Dr. Kondrot and Dr. Courtney, to the staff such as Nicole and Chelsea. Their program is absolutely outstanding and everyone associated with it does a great job.

Before coming to the Center, I had a lot of vision problems, including a cataract and early macular degeneration, which were gradually getting worse and really bringing down my quality of life. After only one week with their amazing program, my vision, as measured by various vision tests, IMPROVED BY NEARLY 50%. I was absolutely amazed and delighted! They had said that they always achieved significant vision improvements, but I wasn’t sure if it would really happen – and then it did! An incredible program. My vision has not only improved, my eyes feel better because they are no longer constantly straining.

They also provide you with all the tools and techniques to continue the treatments when you get home, and I know that my eyes will just continue to get better over time, and I now look forward to a future where I don’t have to worry about losing vision. I will be able to stay active and continue to do all the things I enjoy.

In short, for anyone who has a vision problem, and you have been told that there is nothing that can be done, the Healing the Eye Center is the place to go! They have discovered all the techniques and treatments that work and achieve real results. They are a wonderful, dedicated group who are passionate about helping everyone achieve not only improved vision but improved health overall. I give them my highest recommendation.

Thank you to the whole Center staff!

Bill Regensburger

(Cataract/MD) California

The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and I liked the breakfast. After three days my vision is sharper and I have a much calmer feeling. Vision improvement was 6 lines better in right eye and 4 lines better in left eye.


(ARMD) Arizona

I liked the treatments and the holistic approach. You could hire me! Tara is awesome. This was a good experience. Eyes seem more clear. Vision improvement was 3 letters in left eye.


(Stargardt ) Ohio

I received good treatment from the staff. My contrast is clearer. The doctor was very helpful and kind. Actual vision improvement was 2 letter better in right eye and 3 letters better in left.


(ARMD) Arizona

I like all of you! Dr. Kondrot is brillant. I am able to see better in bright light and not having to squint. I can see more color and it is easier to see without my glasses. Vision improvement in 3 days was 4 letters in right eye and 11 letters in left eye.


( PVD, Diabetic Retinopathy) Arizona

Everyone was very caring and I saw some immediate improvement in my eyes. The staff is very friendly and made us feel at home. The doctor and therapists are very professional. Vision improvement is 5 letters in right eye and 3 letters in left eye.


(Retinitis Pigmentosa) Wisconsin

I liked most everything about this program, the business with the doctor. A rare a wonderful person and enjoyed hours with Doina and Tara. I could feel lots of changes take. I’m seeing shapes compared to only seeing light before. Vision improvement is 6 letters better.


(Optic Neuropathy, Glaucoma, Retinal detachment) California

Program was fantastic and I liked the holistic approach. Overall the program is great and I would encourage others to do this. Doina is gifted and the staff is wonderful. Everyone was very caring and patient. I felt very good, especially since all aspects are covered. Vision improvement is 4 letters better in both eyes.


(ARMD) California

I liked everything about this program. It gave me hope. Vision improvement is 7 letters better in the right eye and 8 letters better in the left.


(ARMD) Arizona

I’m excited by the results! Everyone there is wonderful. The doctor and therapist are very through. Vision improvement is 4 letters better in each eye.


(ARMD) Arizona

You have a good program going. I liked the OCT machine and the picture made sense to me; good diagnosis. Good idea to spread the word. I feel better, more energy and the colors are better. Green and blue vision is better. Vision improvement was 4 letters in left eye.


(ARMD) Nevada

All the staff were super-wise, helpful, knowledgeable. Breakfast was a delightful surprise. I experienced a noticeable improvement. My Glaucoma pressures are less. Vision improvement was left eye pressure dropped 4 points.


(Glaucoma) Maryland

I felt real good about this. Bright light was not bothering me and my eyes are not as tired. I’m able to read letters on signs where before I could not see any. You have a pretty good program. I feel very fortuage that I found your clinic. You gave me hope. Vision improvement was 5 letters in the right eye and 10 letters in the left eye.


(ARMD) Alaska

I liked the fact that there were results and YES there is hope. I liked the set up of the program. These people care so much and are willing to share. Vision improvement is 8 letters better in the right eye and 1 letter better in the left.


(Diabetic Retinopathy) Michigan

The contrast is better and I’m seeing the text better now on the computer screen. I’m seeing the door handle. The color therapy is working. Vision improvement is 3 letters better in the right eye.


(Retinitis Pigmentosa) Pennsylvania

Fantastic! It is a miracle! I loved the whole program. I can read three more lines! Vision improvement is 3 lines better in left eye and two points pressure drop in both eyes.


(Glaucoma) California

The Doctor is a good captain with a good crew. Improved in one eye and hoping will continue. Vision improvement is 6 letters in right eye.


(ARMD) Colorado

I feel my vision is improving and I’m getting flashes of clarity. I like what the program does. Vision improvement is 4 letters better in the right eye and 10 letters better in the left eye.


(Cataracts) Montana

I’m impressed with how much the staff cares and believes in what they are doing. The “fog” has lifted. Vision improvement is 17 letters in the right eye and 5 letters in the left eye.


(Optic Atrophy), Arizona

Everyone was friendly. I saw a big change in reading! I went from a J7 to J3 ! I’m able to read without my glasses. You explained everything and made it easy. Vision improvement is 5 letters in right eye.


(Presbyopia, Hyperopia) Texas

This is worth it! I feel so much better. I’m driving at night and did not have a problem at all. I’m not wearing my glasses at work! I see more clearly and can see further. Vision improvement is 9 letters in the right eye and 8 letters in the left eye.


(Cataracts) Georgia

I am pleased with the efficiency of all the tests and services I got. The staff is dedicated and friendly. I am pleased with the approach to improve the overall health. Three months later my eyes are much improved. Initial vision improvement is 10 letters better in the right eye and 5 letters better in the left eye.


(ARMD) Kentucky

Overall I’m pleased. I have more vision and more clarity for colors. Vision Improvement is 7 letters in the right eye and 3 letters in the left eye.


(ARMD) Arizona

I loved all of it! Everyone is so personal and so nice. I can see better. I can see pupils in my eyes and I can see color. Vision improvement is 2 letters in the right eye and 11 letters in the left eye.


(ARMD) California

I’m noticing some changes in my eyes. The cloudiness is clearing up. I’m able to see the numbers on the bedroom clock. The program was very well done. This program is worth it. Vision improvement is 3 letters in the left eye.


(ARMD) Arizona

I’m feeling really great and my mind has cleared; it is not foggy! I’m seeing! This is a good program because it is making me feel better. Everyone was very polite and professional. Visual improvement is 6 letters in the right eye.


(ARMD, Glaucoma) California

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