Schedule of Activities

As you know, the 3-Day Retreat includes both education about your eye health and treatment in the 7 most effective modalities for your retinal disease.

Here’s how we pack all that into 3 days:

You’ll start by providing your medical history. We carefully review your records to craft a unique treatment plan that fits you and your eye disease.

You’ll also have a professional eye exam to document the level of your visual impairment. We use international standard eye tests—including the ETDRS Eye Chart, The Mars Letter Contrast Sensitivity Test, and Campimetry—to get a “baseline” of your vision at the start of the 3-Day Retreat.

3 Days of Life-Changing Therapies

During the retreat, you’ll be treated with the 7 best therapies for restoring your lost vision:

  • Frequency-Specific Microcurrent
  • IV Myers’ Cocktail
  • IV Oxidation Therapy
  • Magnetic Field Therapy
  • Mineral Testing and Correct
  • Syntonic Light Therapy
  • Heavy Metal Detoxification.

You can read more about how these therapies work to restore vision here.

These therapies are supplemented by daily lectures by retinal disease expert Dr. Dennis Courtney, so that you can learn how vision restoration works and apply these lessons at home.

Finally, Day 3 will conclude with a reexamination of your vision. You’ll undergo the exact same tests as at the beginning of Day 1 so that you can identify objective improvement in your vision.

It’s Not Just 3 Days!

That’s a lot to pack into 3 days, but the experience of the 3-Day Retreat doesn’t stop there!

What you learn and do in the 3-Day Retreat is meant to be applied at home over the following months. The most remarkable changes in our patients’ vision have happened in the months and years following the Retreat.

That’s why we check in on your progress at 6 months and 1 year after the initial 3-Day Retreat. During these phone consultations, we’ll also give you advice about how to move forward with your vision restoration treatments.

Want to know when the next 3-Day Retreat takes place? Check out 2018 schedule.

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