If your vision is failing, you’re probably trying everything you can to restore lost vision. As Step 1 in my 3-Step Program suggests, addressing nutrient deficiencies is a major component of restoring lost vision.

But what supplements should you take? There are hundreds of thousands on the market, and you’ll hear hundreds of different suggestions from different doctors.

Here’s the truth: you probably don’t need to take as many supplements as you think. Unless your vision loss is severe, there’s a good possibility that a sensible supplementation routine can address your nutrient deficiencies and work to restore lost vision. This sensible supplementation routine should include six vital components to reverse your nutrient deficiencies.

The following list of six components is considered to be a starting point in the formation of any supplement program. In those individuals who are healthy, these six components will maintain that state of health:

1. A good multivitamin product
2. Optimal macromineral supplement
3. Optimal micromineral supplement
4. Optimal fatty acid supplementation
5. Enzymes for optimal digestion
6. Optimal antioxidant potential

I want to make certain to point out that in those individuals afflicted with eye diseases, an elevated magnitude of supplementation would be required at the beginning of their supplement program.

So, what should you take?

This conversation on supplementation began with the revelation that during the first seventeen years of my practice, I felt that I could not in good conscience recommend a product line for my patients to use when I personally could not use the products myself.

Four years ago, that all changed with the introduction of a product called F3. The game changer (as I came to know the product better) is that F3 is neither synthetic nor a whole-food extract. Instead, F3 is a combination of three algae grown in hydroponically controlled environments under organic cultivation protocols. These algae have been selected for their nutritional content and other unique properties from over eight thousand species. Their selection was so appropriate and the science so compelling that my medical practice has been drastically changed when it comes to the supplement I recommend.

Even though the algae source alone was important to me, because it was neither synthetic nor whole food, the most relevant fact regarding F3 was that it was able to accomplish all of the six components of my extensive supplement program in one single supplement alone.

That’s right. F3 contains optimal quantities of all vitamins, macrominerals, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes, and antioxidants in one capsule. It is the only way that I know to receive the components of all six supplements rolled up into one fully organic product.

As arduous as the previous six-item program was to follow, the patients still did so. Their intention was to get better, and they followed my recommendations even though the program was costly. With the advent and emergence of F3, a new banner is displayed on our supplement program, which is now referred to as “sensible supplementation.”

Sensible supplementation has three components:

1. F3: This is the workhorse and foundation of six supplements in one; it is easy to take, organic, and 100 percent fully assimilable.
2. Four-to-one oil: Even though all omega-6 and omega-3 oils are in F3, they are not present in a ratio of four-to-one as described by Yehuda. One tablespoon of the oil per day is all it takes to keep membrane health at optimum.
3. Astaxanthin: There is already astaxanthin in F3, but this twelve milligram capsule that is taken daily boosts antioxidant protection so well that it is equivalent to taking seventy-two thousand milligrams of vitamin C.

Using a sensible supplementation plan is key in taking the first step in restoring your lost vision. I encourage you to take charge and address your nutrient deficiencies by starting a sensible supplementation routine today.

Check out my eye packs for a good starting point.

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