Pittsburgh Eye Protocol Presents…

One-Day Quick Start Clinic

Start restoring your lost vision now!

Dates for upcoming Quick Start Clinics to be announced soon. Check back frequently for more information!

What Is the Quick Start Clinic?

There are many patients with serious eye disorders that would really like to participate in our famous 3-Day Retreats but find it difficult for them to do so due to the expense.

If you’re in this predicament, we’re very sympathetic. The Quick Start Clinic may be right for you. It’s the best way to get started reversing your vision loss.

The Quick Start Clinic uses the same 3-Step Program as the 3-Day Retreat, but it’s more of a quick crash course than an intensive workshop. It also doesn’t include the cost of a microcurrent machine, though if you later enroll in a 3-Day Retreat, we will deduct the cost of the machine if you already purchased one.

Listen in below as Roland Long shares his experience with Glaucoma and how Dr. Courtney’s methods helped him restore his vision. Roland’s story is just one of many similar stories about how we helped restore patients’ vision loss, even when it seemed like there was no hope.

What Do I Get?

✔  A one-day experience on reversing your vision loss.
✔  Structuring an in-home program that will enable you to “take charge” of your eye disease and nurture your retina back to health.
✔  Instruction in optimal supplementation for eye disease.
✔  Instruction in the use of Frequency Specific Microcurrent.
✔  Purchase your own fully programmed microcurrent device for your specific eye problem. Receive custom programming by Dr. Courtney.
✔  Share the device with other family members to treat other medical disorders.
✔  Deduct the full cost of the device from any future Vision Restoration Retreat.

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