The Courtney 3-Step Program to Restoring Lost Vision

Have you been told “Nothing can be done” to restore your lost vision? We’re here to tell you that’s wrong! Here’s the truth:

“85-90% of Patients Who Complete the 3-Step Program Have Substantially Improved Vision within 3 Days”

The Courtney 3-Step Program is rooted in the principle that in order to overcome your disease, you must reestablish health. Conventional medicine simply focuses on eradicating disease—an approach that will never fully succeed. Dr. Courtney’s program uses integrative medicine to restore your body to its original healthy state, following these 3 steps:

By following this process, Dr. Courtney’s program yields results like those experienced by Bill Regensburger:

Before coming to the Center, I had a lot of vision problems including a cataract and early macular degeneration which were gradually getting worse and really bringing down my quality of life. After only one week with their amazing program, my vision, as measured by various vision tests, IMPROVED BY NEARLY 50%. I was absolutely amazed and delighted! They had said that they always achieved significant vision improvements, but I wasn’t sure if it would really happen–and then it did! An incredible program. My vision has not only improved, my eyes feel better because they are no longer constantly straining.

Bill Regensburger

Los Angeles, California

As we age, the unfortunate reality is that eye disease steals our sight, our independence, and our peace of mind. The most frightening aspect of all is feeling hopeless to do anything about it.

But there is hope! Something can be done!

Patients of Dr. Courtney’s say one of their favorite things is how Dr. Courtney patiently and clearly helps patients understand what they need to do to continue their path to reestablishing health and regaining more vision.

What to Do Next

If you want to take the next step in restoring your lost vision, we’d suggest a few different options. To learn more about the Courtney 3-Step Program, you can watch Dr. Courtney’s informative webinar and/or read the complete guide to the program, Restore Your Lost Vision Now. If you already know how it works, the best step for you to take is to sign up for a FREE consultation with our team. During the consultation, we’ll discuss if the Courtney 3-Step Program can work for your eye disease and how you can get started today.

Have Questions?

We’re happy to answer any and all questions about the Courtney 3-Step Program. Just reach out to us and we’ll get back to you promptly. Here are a few of the questions we get asked the most:

Q. Does it really work?

It may be hard to believe, but YES it does! By focusing on these 3 steps (correcting deficiencies, removing toxins, and optimizing perfusion), we’ve been able to heal even patients who thought that nothing could be done for their vision loss.

We stand by the fact that 85-90% of patients who go through the Vision Restoration Retreat experience significant improvement in their eyesight. You can hear some of those patients’ stories. To really understand what that number means, though, you have to look at the results for our patients with different underlying diseases. Check out our outcome studies to see the hard proof of whether or not the Courtney 3-Step Program works.

Q. Will it work for me?

No one can promise medical results beforehand. But let’s first look at how other eye treatment options serve the patient, and then let’s consider the fact that 85-90% of people experience improvement through our program here at Pittsburgh Eye Protocol.

Glaucoma treatment consists of eye drops, pills, eye injections, laser surgery, and traditional surgery. As with all pills, the side effects can be great. While pharmaceutical companies like to emphasize how few people experience those problems, when you’re one of them the side effects are devastating. Every kind of surgery has the potential to go terribly wrong. As for eye injections, few people are excited to have a needle inserted into their eye.

Macular degeneration treatment consists of eye injections and laser surgery. Eye injections are a common complaint from people we talk to. You’re bound to the injections for many years, with the goal of slowing or stopping progression.

Diabetic retinopathy treatment consists of eye injections, laser surgery, and vitrectomies. All surgeries come with a host of room for natural errors and things to go wrong.

Cataracts treatment consists only of surgery. According to WebMD, “Surgery to remove a cataract is the only way to get rid of a cataract.”

If you want an invasive surgery, prone to natural risks no matter how skilled your surgeon, then go for it.

But if you’re looking for a non-invasive treatment that carries no negative side effects, then this program is for you.

All of our therapies are geared at restoring your body’s natural function. The very worst that can happen is that your body is so dysfunctional that you achieve no results. But, we want to point out that this has never happened with our patients.

How well it works for you is going to be in part how far your disease has progressed. When diseases are severe, they take a lot more work on the body to reverse and restore function.

The bottom line is this: if you’re looking for a treatment that carries a high-likelihood of reversing your vision loss with zero negative side effects, this is for you.

Q. Why doesn’t my doctor know about this?

Conventional medicine is focused on combating a disease. This is what we doctors are taught in medical school. We are not taught how to find the underlying cause of a condition. We’re taught how to manage symptoms. Amazingly, we’re not taught about nutrition. Your well-meaning doctor is honest when they tell you that there is nothing that can be done. Within their world of conventional medicine, nothing can be done.

Integrative medicines uses their efforts to re-establish health. You can beat a disease by re-establishing health.

When you leave the very limited world of conventional medicine and pair the advancements in technology with integrative health, you end up with the most robust, potent set of tools to conquer the worst of health problems.

Sadly, organizations like the American Medical Association are focused on combating disease. While under the AMA’s supervision, our society has made great leaps and advancements in medicine, they still operate in the dark ages in terms of how they approach disease.

For more, you can read our article about The Injustice of Modern Ophthalmology.

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