Would you like to discover if your lost vision could be restored?

It’s time to kick to the curb the idea that, “Nothing can be done.”

From the Desk of Dennis J. Courtney, M.D.

Dear Friend,

If you want to restore your lost vision, this is the most important letter you’ll ever read…

Here’s why.

Over the past ten years, I’ve worked with patients from across the country facing vision loss, often on the verge of blindness. In following a strict protocol, I’ve been able to help nearly 90% of these people experience measurable vision restoration.

But that’s not what my eye doctor tells me!

Well-meaning physicians prescribe what they know. Much of their knowledge is determined by what the American Medical Association (AMA) has decided should be covered by insurance companies. Doctors don’t have time to spend their time researching and conducting their own tests and studies. Therefore, they rely on the AMA to guide them.

In theory, this isn’t a bad idea. The problem is that the AMA operates hand-in-glove with the pharmaceutical industry, receiving much of its annual revenue from these mega-corporations. Integrative and alternative approaches are often far less expensive than pharmaceutical options.

Stop and consider that! Pharmaceutical companies make money selling their creations and they heavily fund the AMA and the AMA determines what should and shouldn’t be covered by insurance. As a result, non-pharmaceutical options, no matter how effective and less expensive, are not covered and access is limited to the general population.

When it comes to your local doctor, it’s not their fault that they aren’t aware. They’re relying on a system that, in principle, should serve them and you well. But, as we’ve seen over the years, big business dollars and the AMA has skewed the landscape of medicine.

Here’s how it normally works

You realize something is wrong with your vision.

You go to the eye doctor.

They tell you that you have ______ eye disease (macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, etc.)

You’re going to go blind.

You might be able to slow or perhaps even stop the progression of the disease.

Hopefully you can keep the disease from doing any more damage.

You’ll have to find ways to cope with your lost vision.

You’ll likely have to give up your drivers’ license sooner than you’d expect.

You must accept that you will never see the world the way you once saw it.

And…you’re going blind.

And there’s nothing you can do.

That’s what most patients experience. In fact, that’s what most of my patients have been told before coming to me.

We know this isn’t true because…

If nothing can be done is true, then many of my patients would love to know why they are suddenly able to see so much better!

Some might like to call it a miracle. But that implies that we cannot replicate the experience, time after time!

While many well-intentioned doctors have told their patients, “Nothing can be done,” I simply cannot accept this, since I’ve helped so many individuals with varying diseases and histories achieve better vision.

Don’t take my word for it!

Here’s what those who have experienced vision improvement say…

I came to Dr. Courtney’s 3-day program with severe glaucoma in both eyes. The right eye was even worse than the left. I could not hardly read any lines on the vision chart.

After taking the 3-day program, I was privileged to say that I could see down to the fifth line. Just amazing results. In my left eye, I could get down in the 20/20 range, even maybe 20/10.

This outstanding program made a believer out of me. I’ve been told that no vision would ever be gained back. It was just a great experience: the staff and everyone was so wonderful. You need to try it… it’s overwhelming what it’ll do for you!

Roland Long, Glaucoma

Before coming to the Center, I had a lot of vision problems, including a cataract and early macular degeneration, which were gradually getting worse and really bringing down my quality of life.

After only one week with their amazing program, my vision, as measured by various vision tests, IMPROVED BY NEARLY 50%. I was absolutely amazed and delighted! They had said that they always achieved significant vision improvements, but I wasn’t sure if it would really happen – and then it did! An incredible program. My vision has not only improved, my eyes feel better because they are no longer constantly straining.

Bill Regensburger, Cataracts and Macular Degeneration

After three days my vision is sharper and I have a much calmer feeling. Vision improvement was 6 lines better in right eye and 4 lines better in left eye.

R.A., Age-Related Macular Degeneration

I liked everything about this program. It gave me hope. Vision improvement is 7 letters better in the right eye and 8 letters better in the left.

J.D., Age-Related Macular Degeneration

I experienced a noticeable improvement. My Glaucoma pressures are less. Vision improvement was left eye pressure dropped 4 points.

C.H., Glaucoma

Can your vision be restored?

Not all vision can be restored. There are some diseases which have no known cure. However, the most common degenerative eye diseases are reversible (as shown by the experiences my patients have had time and time again!).

Each person’s journey is unique. How you ended up with your vision loss, what you’ve tried, and your own unique history all impact if and how much vision can be restored.

The best place to start is by talking to one of my team’s specialists. Because I know each person is trying to figure out their own path, I’ve made my specialists available for answering questions at no cost to you. This means you can talk with my team for free.

If you are ready to go down the path of restoring your vision, then a free phone consultation is the best and most logical place to start.

Here’s what you can expect out of a free consultation with my team

The first and most important thing we can do for you is listen.

Each person’s history and story is unique. How you ended up where you are is relevant for what the best next step might be for you. What’s best for one person is not necessarily best for the next. And that’s why the first thing my team will be doing is asking you questions to discover more about you.

Then we’ll suggest what we believe, based on our decades of experience and knowledge from our conversation with you, is the next step you should consider taking.

Here’s the deal: this is not a sales call and we won’t pressure you.

This is a discovery call, for us to learn about you and you to discover the next step in your journey. We have an array of supplements, treatments, therapies, clinics, and programs. And while we might be able to help you in your journey, you are ultimately the one who knows what’s best for you.

Our job is simply to help you identify that next step.

Here’s what I want you to do next

If you are ready to take the next step but you aren’t sure what that next step is, then this call is for you and I want you to click the button below to schedule your call.

After you click the button, we’ll ask for your email address. Then we’ll take you to a form with a few more questions (so we can learn about you) and then you’ll be taken directly to a page where you can pick a time and day that works best for you. Finally, at the scheduled time, someone from my team will give you a call at the number provided.

If you’re not sure you want to invest in your health, whether that is in treatment or lifestyle changes, then there is little help we can offer you. Our patients experience life-changing vision restoration because they want to see better.

If you like what we tell you but aren’t willing to put forth the time, energy, and resources to make your vision restoration happen…then you’re wasting your own time by scheduling a call.

But if you are interested and you’d like to see what potential steps might help you restore your vision…then this is 100% for you!

Click the button to begin your journey to restore your lost vision now!

The Cost of Degenerating Vision

What do you lose when vision deteriorates?

It starts with the obvious, tangible effects.

Losing your drivers license means that you must rely on the bus (if you can see well enough for that) or others to get you places. It also means you probably won’t go as many places as before.

If you enjoy watching television, you’ll find that this slowly becomes more and more difficult until it is impossible altogether. Shopping and cooking become more difficult.

Some experience holes in their central vision, resulting in having to turn one’s head to able to look at someone and see their face.

Others are struck with a loss of color vision (and let me tell you, for those that get this back, it brings tears to their eyes).

Night vision will decrease significantly, making simple tasks like getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night a greater hazard.

Peripheral vision is often affected, making it more difficult to spot the things around you.

Recognizing people from very far away becomes impossible. And as blindness settles in, seeing the beautiful faces of those you love deteriorates as well.

But losing your vision doesn’t just stop with these physical problems: it’s an emotional process. Many of our patients start solemn, skeptical that anything can bring them hope for their vision. We hear it in them when we talk to them and we can see it in their faces before they start our programs.

For many, this emotional struggle is the hardest part. Many activities are far more difficult, if not impossible, and many experience pain surrounding their loss of independence.

If you’re ready to see if there’s a better path forward for you, then schedule a call with my team. We will do our best to help connect you with a brighter, clearer future.

Warning — our time is limited, if you want this, book it now

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I would love to figure out if there is something that can be done for my vision loss,” click the button now and schedule a call with my team!

We’re busy treating patients from around the world in our two office locations. We only have a limited number of slots in the day we can spend our time talking to people for free. I do my best to make my staff available to answer questions because I know the vision loss facing you is fierce. And I know it likely can be reversed.

If you want to experience restored vision, then I want to help you figure out what step makes sense for you.

Click the button, follow the steps, and my team will help lead the way.

If you choose to seize your future and restore your vision, I look forward to learning more about you.

Dr. Dennis Courtney

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