My 3-Step Program to Restore Lost Vision combines non-invasive lifestyle changes and treatment methods, but there’s one treatment that’s the linchpin of its success: Frequency-Specific Microcurrent (FSM). If you’re going to do one and only one thing to restore your lost vision, it needs to be this: start doing regular FSM sessions at home. If you’re able to commit to doing that, you’re likely going to see significant improvement in your vision almost immediately.

How does FSM work?

Frequency-Specific Microcurrent is a completely non-invasive treatment (in fact there’s no physical sensation whatsoever) that uses extremely low doses of electricity to heal your body. Medicine is an art, and nothing with an art is 100%. But Frequency-Specific Microcurrent marries the art of medicine with the science of quantum physics. The laws of quantum physics say that every single thing in the universe—including your body and even every organ in your body—vibrates imperceptibly at its own unique frequency. This phenomenon, known as resonance, is why glass will shatter when exposed to particular sound waves. It’s also how FSM can unlock the healing potential of your body. Healthy retinas vibrate at a specific frequency. But when your retina is deteriorating, it changes how it vibrates. Microcurrent works to bring your eye in sync with where it was in its healthy state. It does so by sending paired frequencies of electricity through your body. These frequencies are paired together so that they can address both the symptoms you’re experiencing and the underlying cause of the disease. This treatment is extraordinary in its efficacy—and its speed. Some patients feel immediately better when starting an FSM session.

Why Does It Work on Retinal Diseases?

If you’re familiar with integrative medicine, you’ll likely have heard similar things from other doctors: eat right and reduce your toxic burden. These are the core principles of integrative medicine, and they’re critical to achieving the incredible results that I and other integrative doctors have seen. But when it comes to eye diseases like Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts, and Diabetic Retinopathy, proper nutrition and reducing toxicities will likely take multiple years of dedication and lifestyle changes. Don’t mistake me: you should absolutely alter your diet and eliminate toxicities. But changes like eating organic aren’t enough on their own to significantly restore your lost vision. That’s because over time, the tiny blood vessels in your eyes (known as the microvasculature) start to degrade. These tiny blood vessels are responsible for carrying nutrients to your eyes and taking toxins away from your eyes. If those nutrients cannot get into the eye and the toxins cannot get out because of clogged microvasculature, then your vision will continue to degrade. You can take all the supplements you want, but they won’t do anything without addressing your microvasculature. Like an ambulance stuck in traffic, they don’t do any good to anyone unless they can get to their proper destination. Frequency-Specific Microcurrent works by restoring microvasculature in your body and eyes. By targeting the specific frequency of a healthy retina, we’re able to bring your retina in sync with that frequency and begin to grow back the microvasculature that has been lost to time. Once the microvasculature begins to grow back, your eyes can get the nutrients they so desperately need to function properly.

Microcurrent: Safe, Flexible, and Fast

For many, microcurrent sounds like a scary idea: you hook a device up to your body and send electrical signals through it? It’s understandable that you would have some anxiety at the prospect. But Frequency-Specific Microcurrent is completely safe. In fact, you won’t feel any physical sensation whatsoever when undergoing an FSM session. Some do report feeling more relaxed, but this is only a sign of the microcurrent machine doing its work. Many people remember using TENS units for pain back in the ’80’s and ’90’s, but these units functioned on macrocurrent, which meant that you could physically feel the sensation of the electricity. The last decade has seen the development of microcurrent technology that delivers electrical signals in very small amounts. These amounts are also more effective because they mimic the natural flow of electricity in your body. Microcurrent treatment is also very flexible and fast. With a home FSM machine like those I give patients in the 3-Day Retreat, you can use it at any time and for any length of time. I generally suggest 30 minute sessions once daily, but you will see results with less often (and more often is only likely to supercharge the effects!). And since there’s no sound or physical sensation, you can easily occupy yourself during your session by watching your favorite TV show or listening to the radio.

Frequently Asked Questions about Microcurrent

What’s a microcurrent session like?

A microcurrent session is often relaxing—many people spend the time watching TV or listening to the radio. You’ll simply turn the device on to your desired program, put on the included gloves, and place them on your body. Since the electrical current is very small and mimics the natural flow of electricity in your body, there is no physical sensation other than the relaxation of your body healing.

Can this really work for me?

I can’t promise that Frequency-Specific Microcurrent will absolutely work for you, but the fact is that the most common causes of blindness all have one thing in common—they’re retinal diseases! They tend to strike as we age and the microvasculature in our eyes degrades. Through Frequency-Specific Microcurrent and other treatment techniques, I’ve been able to help almost 90% of my patients experience measurable and significant vision restoration. That’s because once you restore the microvasculature in your eyes that has been lost to age, the retina can start to heal and bring back the vision that you lost to its deterioration.

When can I expect results?

This is a tricky question. There’s no one answer for everyone. Every retinal disease is slightly different—and every individual case responds to microcurrent differently. How quickly microcurrent may make a difference in your vision is unique to your situation—your nutrient deficiencies and toxic burdens aren’t the same as your neighbor’s. That said, I have seen time and time again that microcurrent can make a dramatic impact on people’s health far faster than anyone would expect. Because FSM targets both your symptoms and their underlying causes, it’s able to both give you relief almost immediately and more gradually restore long-term health to your body and your eyes.

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