The BEMER (bio-electromagnetic energy regulation) is a newer medical contribution to utilize EMF for vision restoration. It is a member of a group of devices known as PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field). Created by a German scientist, the BEMER consists of a console and cloth mat. Inside the mat are coils that emit EMF in pulses. Sitting or lying on the mat, your entire body is penetrated by the EMF coils. Do not fear; the process is a completely innocuous experience.

How It Works

The BEMER emits only one EMF that is specific for blood vessels. It emits EMF signals that create a physiological response, causing your blood flow to increase considerably; this is known as “vasomotion.” Within six minutes, there will be optimal blood flow into the microvasculature. Once your eight minutes of treatment are up, this increase in blood flow will last up to sixteen hours. The BEMER’s ability to cause such an increase in blood flow to all body tissues for a long period of time makes it an amazing technique to restore your vision. After all, the circulation our blood is what keeps us alive. 

The BEMER is beneficial in restoring many tissues of the body back to full function once again. It has the unique ability to be used by every member of the family and for any condition, whether it be acute or chronic. It only makes sense that an optimal blood flow to diseased tissue will improve function over time. This new technology can be also paired with ECP. Once you have completed your ECP program, take a “daily ride” on the BEMER to support those brand new microvasculature you developed. 


Unlike ECP, which creates new microsvasculature, the BEMER is a treatment that is designed to maintain the new microsvasculature. Blood vessels that form the microvasculature don’t dry up and wither away over time. Rather, it is a slow process that occurs gradually over decades. The cells that rely on nutrients supplied by the blood vessels are, in a sense, “starved.”

However, there is a way to turn around this process by receiving ECP treatments and following up with the BEMER, which optimizes blood flow in the newly acquired microsvasculature. 

Purchasing a BEMER

Two sessions per day can improve your circulation and well-being. Because the BEMER has a sales wide network in the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world, you can get one for yourself to use every day. 

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